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    /slideshows/homeLarge/GoingGreen.jpg St. Mary's Parish sending the newsletter via email only If you would like to receive a paper copy or give us an updated email address, please contact Diane at 223-5562 or dianeh@stmarysparishfamily.net http://5271.joseph.ecatholicwebsites.com/news/going-green _blank
    /slideshows/homeLarge/life_walk.jpg Check out the latest in YOUTH MINISTRY news! New Youth Ministers have an exciting year planned http://5271.joseph.ecatholicwebsites.com/youth-ministry _blank
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  • Dates to Remember

    • November 24 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
      Sessions will be held at Corpus Christi Church 1919 N 2nd St. Contact Diane for more information 223-5562 dianeh@stmarysparishfamily.net
  • Where can we Park?

    We want to be good neighbors, so we ask that during business hours you not park in neighboring business parking lots, but use our own parking lot next to the Grade School.  On weekends the Bone and Joint Center on Thayer Ave. is available to us as well as the lot Annex (old Dry Cleaners) and the lot between LaMere and the Priest Residence (off 9th St.).  Please make every effort to be a good neighbor and practice appropriate Parking Etiquette.


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  • News

    • October 14
      Pray for the success and good health of the 80 Kenyan mission students who will be taking National testing in the weeks ahead.
    • September 23
      Starting in November, St. Mary's Parish will be sending the family newsletter and calendar via email only to those for whom we have an email address.